Social Media IQ Quiz

Welcome!  If you’re here you must be looking for ways to take your social media to the next level.  No matter where you are on your path, I’m glad you’re here.  Your future success is determined by the steps you take today – that’s where we want to help.

Please complete the Social Media IQ Quiz below.  Each section represents an important element for creating the results you are wanting. In just 4 minutes you’ll discover two things:

  1. Where you are on track toward better social media communication.
  2. What areas you need to focus on to build an engaging social media presence.

After taking the assessment, check your inbox right away. You’ll receive your resulting score and some important next steps based on where you are today.

0 = I’ve not addressed this at all.
4 = I’ve given this some attention.
7 = I’m doing really well here.
10 = I have handled this completely.

I. Basic Social Media Concepts

1. I know how to brand myself on social media and have taken this step.

2. I know the demographics of each platform and know where my tribe lives.

3. I concentrate on one or two platforms only to get the best results.

4. I have a social media group dedicated to only those I serve.

5. I am successfully converting paying clients from social media.

II. Content Development Skills

1. I produce original content on social media at least 3 times per week.

2. My tribe comments on my original content regularly.

3. All of my original content that is posted from my website has a Call-to-Action.

4. Every piece of content I produce creates value for my tribe.

5. I share other experts content more than I create my own.

III. Social Media Posting

1. I am what I post and every post has a point and adds value.

2. Every post is worded to start a conversation.

3. I set aside 30 minutes every day to engage my tribe.

4. At least one post per week leads my tribe into a marketing funnel.

5. I have an editorial/content calendar that keeps my posting planned and consistent.

IV. Funnel Building Skills

1. I understand what a marketing funnel is and use it at least once a week.

2. My autoresponder communicates and nurtures people who have committed to wanting more content from me.

3. I understand the value of the tags inside of my funnel and how they work to bring more communication.

4. I easily lead people from social media and my funnel to sales/ strategy sessions.

5. I don't understand why my social media ads are unprofitable.

V. Analytical/ Conversion Skills

1. I understand the metrics on social media and adjust my content to maximize.

2. I understand the metrics inside of my autoresponder and adjust to maximize.

3. I understand the metrics on my opt-in and landing pages and adjust to maximize.

4. My opt-ins are separated from my website so that engagement rises.

5. I use engagment and conversion tools that can be used at any point in my funnel.

VI. Social Media Savvy Readiness

1. I am ready to learn how use social media to capture an engaged audience.

2. I am ready to invest in honing my skills to close more sales.

3. I understand that investing and implementing great tools will come back to me in the form of increased revenues.

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